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You've Got Lael

Nov 30, 2023

Attention business owners! Have you noticed business has changed? The strategies we were using prior to 2020 are not working. People are not investing, purchasing and committing like they used to. You have changed, too. The strategies you were using before don't feel as aligned. What needs to change about your business in order to meet yourself and your customers where they are at?

About our guest: Brooke Monaghan is a business coach and the founder of Fruition Growth Network, an online community and learning platform for lifestyle business owners. She has forever been fascinated by the people who go out on their own and finally did so herself in 2019, establishing her consulting business. After transitioning into business and leadership coaching she witnessed first hand the uphill battle that online business owners are facing trying to grow their work in the current digital landscape.

Sick of helping her clients navigate a broken system, Brooke set out to create a solution and started Fruition Growth Network with contributions from her own clients and people who helped her along the way. Her current mission is to use the first phase of this platform as a way to get the work of these founding contributors in front of as many people as possible, and providing quality support for her community.



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This episode is brought to you by Lael Petersen Coaching. Lael Petersen Coaching provides personalized coaching for humans who want to know themselves on a deeper level, shift outdated habits, and live their lives with purpose. If you are tired of feeling stuck and are ready to grow and change, let’s talk!


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