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You've Got Lael

Nov 18, 2021

Words create worlds. What kind of world are you creating?

I asked my teacher and friend @rtgreenidge to talk me through what I've been exploring and dismantling in my work and my life. Perfectionism. Overworking. Yt culture + wellness. The things we talk about all the time.

I secretly hoped she would put my breakdown...

Nov 11, 2021

When it comes to our emotions, most of us have experienced the influence of hormones. Even a slight fluctuation in our hormonal system can affect how we think and feel.

As I recover from burnout, I keep wondering, How much of what I'm going through right now is related to changes in my hormones? How much of this...

Nov 4, 2021

I've been curious about the Enneagram for a long time. (Therapists often use it in their work.) But until recently, I never made the time to explore its wisdom. When I started digging deeper and seeing myself reflected so clearly in the Type 2 personality, I immediately wanted to talk to Jessica. I knew she would help...

Oct 28, 2021

Today we're talking about something I'm not so great at - embodying my emotions.

You'd think because I was a therapist and a yoga teacher, I'd get an A in this subject, but that's not the case. For a while, I've been telling myself that because I move on so quickly from difficult events or painful emotions, I must be a...

Oct 21, 2021

Today, I’m talking with Business Strategist and life enthusiast Sarah Cook. Sarah was one of my coaches when I was in Trudi Lebron's Amplified Impact Mastermind this year. During our time together, I came to respect Sarah's perspective on equity, the coaching industry, and how we can do better.

I reached out to her...